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CD-Rezension "There she is" im

There She Is - Anne-Marie Höller

Format: CD / Soulful Records

Release Date: May 2019

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Text: Tom Wouters


In the Austrian music scene, which is dominated to a very large extent by German-sung (folk)music, gems with international class appear occasionally. In the meantime blues musician "Sir" Oliver Mally is known outside the Austrian borders and now a beautiful singer-songwriter album by AnneMarie Höller has suddenly appeared. After studying music in Hollywood (USA), Höller was active as a singer in various jazz, soul and R&B bands for more than 20 years, until, in 2016, she decided that it was time to make her own music. She retreated to the deep south of Austria, in a wine region on the border with Slovenia, and began to compose and write her own songs.


Three years later, that resulted in "There She Is", a very personal solo album with 11 bittersweet lovesongs. It was not that easy for her to write the songs. She dug deep in her love life for it. As she herself says about "There She Is": "I consciously took a lot of time for it because this project comes from deep within my heart. I have never been so pure and honest. And I admit that it took a lot of courage, time and energy."


On "There She Is" you can find the different singing styles where AnneMarie Höller is so at home. Such as the sweet soul style in the love song "No Matter What", in "Little Boy" and in the Philly Soul-like "I’m Ok". But Höller also excels in jazzy songs, such as in the beautiful "Secret Dance Of Love", in "Return It Or Not" and in the sad "Mr. Sweetheart”. The semi-acoustic musical accompaniment of multi-instrumentalist Stefan Wedam, drummer Jakob Wedam and double bass player Wolfram Derschmidt is beautifully understated, especially in the listening song "Morpheus' Arms", in the heart-wrenching ballad "We 2 Are 1" and in "Mercy Speaks" ", with a leading role for violin and cello. The three accompanists create the space in which the songs and the warm, beautiful voice of AnneMarie Höller come into their own.


"There She Is" is therefore a surprisingly lived-through and pure singer-songwriter album by a talented vocalist of international class.